Creating a reality to pass on to the next dreamer. Every garment is made with a story in mind. Designed for the memories yet to be made, because we believe in making life meaningful. The way you see yourself is the way you live your life.

Made by dreamers for dreamers. Living our dream to dress yours.

~ Idle Child


I’m living and dreaming, because I’m controlling my life and making things happen.
To experience life fully, to live intently.


Removing the space between time, age, and image, because the modern woman is free, independent and ageless.


Coming from trial and error,
our history is about where we take it.



Designer / Pattern Maker / Seamstress


Media & Art Director / Designer


Go your own way has always been the way.

From the beginning, Idle Child was two sisters growing up in the Nebraska farmland. Being surrounded by nature, the more simplistic approach to life became the core inspiration for Idle Child. Using the natural resources as their guide, they allowed their minds to grow. This was the way of life for Becky and Ellie.

They each developed their craft until finally combining forces in Minneapolis, MN. Becky first moved to Minneapolis to pursue an education in music and fashion as Ellie continued to explore photography and multimedia. Spring 2012 Ellie moved to Minneapolis to start Idle Child with Becky. From there they dove into the local fashion scene and showcased multiple collections at the Envision fashion shows, sold their Day Tripper collection at Minneapolis boutique, Cliché and continued with custom orders.

Idle Child launched their online shop the beginning of spring 2016. Everything was leading up to this point. Several years of learning about themselves as designers and building the brand, they found being self-reliant was their path. It became more about the Idle Child girl, the Ageless, Defiant, Visionary. It was not only creating beautiful garments but connecting with women to encourage and empower their individuality.

Created in its entirety by Becky and Ellie. From concept to pattern, construction, photography, styling, web design, illustration and branding it is truly 100% Idle Child.